The Karaoke Crawl

7 Bars – 7 Shots – VIP Entry – Drinks Discounts

Get ready to grab the mic, sing your heart out, and explore some of the best bars the city has to offer 

The Karaoke Crawl offers a unique twist on the traditional pub crawl by combining the thrill of karaoke with the excitement of exploring Edinburgh’s vibrant bar scene. 

 Whether you’re a seasoned karaoke pro or a first-time singer, The Karaoke Crawl welcomes everyone who’s ready to let loose and have a great time. 

Forget about getting lost in the maze of Old Town Edinburgh streets. Our experienced tour guides will lead the way, sharing interesting tidbits about Edinburgh’s history and nightlife along the route. For just £25, patrons get access to a guided tour of seven handpicked bars dedicated to making karaoke the main event 


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