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Introducing a brand new walking tour of the Edinburgh’s stunning Old Town. This isn’t just any old run of the mill walking tour of the Old Town that talks about Edinburgh’s gruesome past, we’ll do all of that, but this is very much ‘Edinburgh Pub Crawl runs a walking tour’. Expect the same Scottish patter, foul language, and hilarious stories you’ve come to know from Edinburgh Pub Crawl. We’ll discuss the history of Edinburgh and the rest of the country and up close and personal look at the weaponry used by Scottish clansmen in the Highlands. As well as showing off the best landmarks of Edinburgh we’ll also be stopping by some of the locations used to film the TV series ‘outlander’.

Recent global events have changed, for many of us, how we look at certain monuments of historical figures, its entirely right to observe these statues in a new light but also one that balances the historical context, so we’ll be attempting to dissect that in all of its complexity, and while we’re at it we’ll chuck in politics and religion too for good measure. This is really thought-provoking tour that covers a lot of interesting and contentious topics so after every tour there’ll be a chance for us all to come together to get a drink and talk about the issues that came up on the tour. The tour will be run by Edinburgh Pub Crawl’s Justin Davis who started Edinburgh Pub Crawl in 2013 and has been conducting tours, teaching and writing about Scottish history for over 14 years.

As a historian Justin conducts genealogy research and often consults on history for various production companies. Justin is also well versed in Scottish politics, during the 2014 independence referendum Justin was frequently interviewed by global news outlets for his impartial analysis on the subject. In 2015 the Edinburgh Evening news defined Justin as a “Leading Figure” in Scottish tourism.

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